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This creative  session focuses on the power of intention for your individual biography and personal vision - working in the here and now and forming your masterpiece — your personal portait.

We will work together to create a visual distillation of what aspects form the authentic image of yourself.


This is not a formal art session, but rather a artistic exploration and discovery of the psyche.

No previous art experince is required and during our first call, we can discuss what materials are preferable and accesbile for you to use.


The virtual workshop will take place over two sessions —

In the first session, we will discuss the theme in some depth and establish a therapeutic approach specific to you, to be able to begin the creative process. we will also decide what media may be suitable for you to use during this workshop.


Between the sessions, you will work on your own to develop the artwork, taking note of the process. We will discuss how you can document your observations and reflections.


During the second session, we will discuss what arose from your creative process using the artwork you created, possibly develop it further if the need arises  and work towards a therapeutic outcome.


Your portrait may require further development beyond the session as working with the here and now is a snapshot in time and our priorities may alter, but our values are generally constant once they have been highlighted and become active in forming one's portrait of being.


This can be a powerful process and the value of this exercise is that one can repeat it again in a year and compare your Creative Self Portrait and the intentions you set for your holistic wellbeing.


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